New Beginnings Song Released!

Morning Church Family the New Beginnings song has officially released on Most Major Streaming services including Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora(still processing). It is also available for purchase on Google Play, Apple Music and Amazon as well as many other platforms.

From all of us here at NBF we just wanted to give you something that would help keep us all together.

Here are the Direct Links to the various sites:

Google Play Store:

Apple Music Store:


Amazon Music:

YouTube Music:

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You Can "Do Church" at Home. Here's a Guide to Help

So, Church is a little different right now. It looks different, sounds different and feels different. This past week we were able to experience New Beginnings Online for the first time. This was an awesome experience that I hope to improve and also continue offering even once we are back together in person.

The Online attendance Sunday included 55 unique connections! We are estimating at least two people per connection, which takes the viewing audience to be somewhere in the neighborhood of ~110 people reached.

Having church from your home is nothing new. In fact, let’s look here at what Apostle Paul said when the early church essentially only met in homes.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near. Hebrews 10:24-25 NLT

Here are some Ideas on How to Stay Connected

Attend NBF Online. As “Social Distancing” becomes the new buzz word for 2020, we know that we can be connected and social even when we are physically distant. We will continue to meet together digitally through the various tools that we have, and you are always invited to our Online Service. But here is the real key: Don’t just attend by yourself. Invite your friends and family to join or anyone else simply by sharing the link to our website.

Things for the Kids. The FaithlifeTV platform that comes with each Faithlife account offers hundreds of hours of programming for kids and youth. We are also planning on some activities for the NBF youth to keep them connected Stay tuned for that info soon.

Discover All The Tools. Family now is the time to look into all the resources that you have access to. NBF has support for Online Small Groups, Video Conferencing, Bible Apps, In Depth Bible Study Material, Group Studies, Prayer Lists, Online Giving, a Social Platform, Video Streaming Services, and some things that we haven’t even found yet! And it is all accessed through one password, your Faithlife account. If you haven’t get signed up today! SignUp for Faithlife

Remember the reason why you connect remains the same regardless of how you connect!


What does it look like to Be the Church?

We have to remember that the church is not the building that we go to but it each and every one of us. We are the Church. So what does that mean? It means, let's love our neighbors as ourselves, but where we are. How do we do that in the current conditions? The best way to discover the needs of our neighbors is to simply call or text them and see how they are doing.

Here are some Ideas on how to Be the Church

  • Text or call people you know who are vulnerable (elderly, asthmatic, organ-transplant recipients, those with MS, HIV, cancer, diabetes, etc.) and ask how they are feeling. Listen to them and Pray with them.
  • Call or Facetime your family and friends. Forget the text. With social distancing in place, seeing your face and/or hearing your voice will go a long way for their well-being. Talk about everything, especially if it has nothing to do with current world events.
  • Call the food banks and other non-profits and ask what you could do to assist them in their efforts.
  • Give. Many of us are blessed with a little extra margin, both financially and with time. Look for ways to be generous to friends, family, your church and neighbors.
  • Look for people asking for help on Social Media. People are quick to hop on to Social Media. Perhaps they need encouragement, prayer, or just someone to talk with them. Meet a need.
  • Check on parents that you know. With school being postponed, for who knows how long, there could be some moms and dads struggling with this new life balance. Sometime just talking to another adult can help.
  • Pray. Pray for a vaccine. Pray for Healing. Pray for Protection for you and your neighbors all over the world. Pray that God will show you when, where and how to take action.

Health and Safety Reminders

  • Stay up to date with the recommendations and requirements from our local, state, and federal government.
  • Practice social distancing and excellent hygiene, use caution when meeting with others in any way.
  • If you believe you have been in contact with someone infected by Coronavirus (COVID-19), please contact your health care provider, practice all recommended health guidelines, and keep coming back for encouragement at New Beginnings Online
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5 Ways Your Family Can Thrive While Stuck at Home

If you have not created your Account and started following New Beginnings Fellowship yet, you need to! Here is just a bit of what your account will give you access to:


1. Keep Their Minds (and Hearts!) Active

If you have older kids who are hungry to learn more about Scripture, you’ll love the courses included in Faithlife Connect. From theology and the Bible to evangelism to leadership, each course is broken into brief segments around 10 minutes each, making it easy for you and your kids to dip in any time. You get access to one free course of your choosing during your two free months of Faithlife Connect. Access it on mobile, desktop, or even your TV.

Learn more about courses

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2. Do Kids’ Church with Biblical Videos

While you might not have a nursery where you can drop your kids off during the service, you do have access to quality programming they can watch while you and your spouse participate in worship remotely. Faithlife TV has lots of programming for children, including our most popular: Bible Agent 7. That way, both you and your kids can be making discoveries about Jesus through age-appropriate content.

Learn more about Faithlife TV Plus

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3. Don’t Neglect Your Own Spiritual & Mental Health

"The kids are going stir crazy, but I’m fine. No. Really. I’m fine . . ."

The fact is, spending long stretches at home is going to be taxing for anybody, even if you are Supermom or Superdad. You simply must take time for your own spiritual health, and Faithlife Connect has just the thing. It comes with Logos Bible Software, a personal Bible study platform complete with a digital library. You can dig deep into any Bible passage and instantly see fascinating insights from your library that will stretch your thinking and engage your heart.

Learn more about Logos


4. Deepen Your Family Devotions with Classic Resources

Just because church is cancelled doesn’t mean your faith journey ends. Your version of Logos Bible Software (included in Faithlife Connect) includes Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, the Heidelberg catechism, Martin Luther’s catechisms, and the Westminster shorter and longer confessions. And with the free Logos Bible apps (available on iOS and Android) and web app, you can read Scripture and other enriching content anytime.

See the books included in Faithlife Connect


Bonus: Find a Book to Get Lost In

Your kids may not be going on the same kinds of adventures as usual—but they can go on whole new ones with classic literature like Robinson CrusoeWhite Fang, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Get those volumes and dozens more for free and read them on any smartphone, computer, or tablet. As a special bonus, we’re giving away a bundle of classic literature your kids will love.

Download free classic literature

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